Kenny -
Wow! ... Really, really enjoyed watching your new DVD. Really an extraordinary investment on my part, HA!!! ... Seriously, not sure how to begin telling what a delightful, inspiring, informative, educational, comprehensive, deep, and amusing job you've done with this DVD. I totally loved it. And I loved the direct and thoughtful manner in which you despensed the information. It comes across like it was a real treat for you to make, and you come across like the gentle giant you are.

I've dabbled in hand drumming ever since I started playing as a child, but never took it any further. I played one set once with Darrell, with just a hand drum - took the only solo I've ever played with him, and generally came away from the set exhilarated but with hands beat to #*%!, HA!!! --- I can already tell the excercises you've included here could be some interesting stuff to get into. I love having things I can work on drum-wise too. ... That said though, the DVD has already taken me to a new level of understanding and appreciation for what it is I'm trying to do when I play my drums.

It's truly a masterful piece of work you've put together with your friends - beautiful packaging, and I enjoyed seeing the different settings of your work.

Peace & Love -
Gary Ogan
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